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The Nines

Golf Villas

Nestled within the serene surrounds of the Ancient Sands golf course. The Nines residences offers one-storey, two-storey, twin villas and townhomes designed to nourish and enrich your experiences.

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Property Types & Floor Plans

This unique 168 sqm one-storey villa presents beautiful spaces to live in. Uninterrupted views from the entrance patio creates an uplifting atmosphere. An optional inground swimming pool can also be provided. 3 bedrooms allow residents restful times in these sanctuaries of comfort. A nanny’s room equipped with bathroom ensures non-obtrusive living. An optional driver’s room with bathroom can also be incorporated into the villa design.

Imagine a 175 sqm residence that allows you to live your most desired lifestyle. A tranquil golf sanctuary lies before you, seen from your exclusive viewpoints. The simple linear form of an optional swimming pool transforms a private garden into an extraordinary space. Innovative design integrates an additional shallow pool that promotes the essence of ultimate serenity. There are 3 bedrooms, along with a discreet location of a nanny’s bedroom and separate bathroom. A driver’s room and bathroom can also be included in the layout.

Villa Type C introduces residents to a world of aquatic tranquility from the moment they step foot on the floating terrace. The design philosophy devoted to this 181 sqm home is to ensure everyone feels a sense of calm. The high ceiling living area extends over a shallow water feature. A swimming pool can also be incorporated into your masterplan upon request. 3 spacious bedrooms promote rest and relaxation. Your nanny has a designated room with bathroom. An additional bedroom for your driver can also be added to the layout. The interplay of panoramic golf course views and shimmering waters from your private space allows glimpses of life from different perspectives.

Imagine a 190 sqm home that allows you to literally flow through life. Villa D integrates water features both internally and externally, inspiring a rhythm of soothing, calming experiences. A linear pool creates serenity within your exclusive private garden. Perfectly positioned, the high ceiling living area presents spectacular views, bringing the outside in. 4 bedrooms promote comfort and rest when desired. A discreet bedroom and bathroom for your nanny ensures life remains uninterrupted. Upon request, an additional room can be incorporated into the floor plan for your driver.

The two-storey 192 sqm villa has been mindfully designed around breathtaking views so that you feel a sense of connectivity to the surrounding natural beauty that is seen from every corner of the property. Large windows in the living area bring the outside in. Upon request, an optional swimming pool can be incorporated into the exterior layout, further emphasizing relaxed living and your personalized view. 3 beautifully appointed bedrooms are soothing spaces that have been designed to promote calm. A dedicated laundry area, dressing room and nanny’s room with bathroom all ensure the functionality of the house flows smoothly.

The two-storey 208 sqm property is designed to elevate your every mood. Created on the concept of bringing the outdoors in, light and airy living areas all have extended open views. A spacious free flowing living layout was designed so you spend quality times. An optional clean lined swimming pool will further create a feeling of harmony with the outdoors. Soothing natural light illuminates passages. 4 bedrooms are serenely designed settings that encourage a sense of peace and joy. A dedicated office space has been thoughtfully incorporated with views that allow you to love nature. Your nanny’s bedroom, complete with bathroom, and a designated laundry area are carefully considered spaces that do not intrude on family life.

Every Twin Villa overlooks the panoramic beauty of the verdant green golf course vistas. With a total unit area of 158 sqm; the Twin Villa conveniently stretches over one-floor, the open plan living layout flows effortlessly onto adjoining areas and mesmerizing outdoor spaces. 3 generously appointed bedrooms have been designed with a soothing sense of timelessness. A walk-in dressing room ensures getting ready is a pleasurable experience. A nanny’s room is also an essential addition to every home.

Discover 148 sqm of a well-designed two-storey layout that brings the outside in. Surrounding golf course views feel infinite yet private. The large rooftop terrace creates a tranquil setting and ensures daily life is an absolute pleasure. If desired, a plunge pool on the roof can be added for extra indulgence. 3 bedrooms have been created to relax the senses and promote rest. Functional spaces such as a walk-in dressing room, laundry area and nanny’s room with bathroom are all cleverly placed so that precious home life remains undisturbed. Upon request a swimming pool can also be installed.

The 145 sqm two-storey Townhome will enrich your whole family’s life. Soak up the breathtaking vistas from the large rooftop terrace. The influence of the calming interiors can be felt in every one of the 3 bedrooms. Upon request, a swimming pool can be added to your Middle Unit masterplan. A conveniently located laundry area and nanny’s room with bathroom ensures life flows gracefully without disruption.