Review Poki Game: Murdered Soul Suspect

The best thing Murdered Soul Suspect has to offer is revealed after a few seconds of the Poki game. Indeed, even before, since it is the thing that dominates the cover. It is Ronan O’Connor, the protagonist. A head grew hot with the natural talent of planting grits, pecking barrels, stabbing criminal convictions whose most successful joke was  ending up working for the Police as a detective.

Ronan searching for clues after the event. Murdered Soul Suspect’s action adventure background investigation of Friv5Online Games Studio opens and create a strong sense of sympathy for this blowhard ready wit, a cigarette in his mouth and everlasting bad luck always at his heels, closed in such a way that, despite everything, the last and most genuine thoughts are turned to him. Despite all.

As if that were not enough a difficult life, Ronan knows how to lie, its because of the bell killer who terrorizes Salem.

In the end, the transition for O’Connor could represent the coveted opportunity to return to his wife Julia, who died in some tragic circumstances three years before the events of Murdered: Soul Suspect.

No daring the reasons for the death of the protagonist keeps him trapped in a limbo between the worlds of the living and the dead and the only way to be able to finally let go, run towards the warm embrace of the beloved, is to settle the pending accounts.

The aim of the Poki game is to investigate the Bell Killer, following his footsteps, track after track, the crime scene ‘after’ scene of the crime. In addition to using inspection of the place of the offense, as he did once, Ronan may take possession of any witnesses and former colleagues, for hearing their thoughts, sometimes influence them, or studying what they see, in order to capturing details which are not possible finding without his powers.

Possession may also relate to some object scattered here and there, with which we can establish an interaction “mediated” by the other dimension. We can also use a cat for normally reaching unreachable places. Its status allows the spirit to distinguish traces invisible to the living, relating to past events.

No logical thinking for clues is found in the Poki game. You do not need to find them all, given that reached a minimum threshold will be the same game to start asking whether you wish to try. Wrong, however does not lead to any concrete results: you can retry as many times as you want, and most of the time you will be penalized in the evaluation, calculated on the badges.

Vanished effect-innovation or attractiveness of the early stages (cases) are more interesting, Murdered Soul Suspect pulls down the mask, more than a game of investigation but seems to be a Poki game on the investigation, which is where the main subject is unable to breathe much in the gameplay, stopping at a smattering surface.

There are no real puzzles, tests of logic or imaginative thinking, or at least the ability of carefully inspecting objects, combine them with others or manipulate them in some other way, as a number of titles on the same topic or cut any way or any kind of adventure, while some interactions are “unusual”.

On the line of the productions of David Cage, who would have at least added a little Charm experimental, are only timidly hinted here and there, mostly at the beginning.

Although still firmly in the parachute slung infallibility, can be found most stimulating designed by Poki Games which reveals certain evidence that you have to understand an item by choosing between alternatives, a device that actively calls into questions of a bit of intuition, of offering appreciable investigation after tried.

Murdered Soul Suspect welcomes you with a “Press Start” even when the system is not connected with joypad which would go contrast to what we had established a few months ago, during the preview, when we were given a sneak peek at the menu, finding a complete set of options which were dedicated to Windows format.

Fortunately, the guys at Poki Games have not backed down and the game features a large collection of settings designed for this platform, which also include different types of anti-aliasing (different qualities of FXAA, MSAA and EQAA) and ambient occlusion (SSAO and two settings for the HDAO).

The classic Unreal Engine 3.0 has been reworked for the occasions which offer videos, without unpleasant bottlenecks (to give the numbers: the test setup at 1080p, with everything to the max and 4xMSAA runs at an average of 90 FPS indicative).

To act as a liaison to the location in which they are distributed crime scenes related to the main plot involved the town of Salem. Some of his areas such as roads, parking lots, patios and beaches are a big hub freely to explore, where you get more in touch with the alienating reality in which Ronan was destined.

Here it is in fact possible to make more account of the blunders of both architectural and sequential awareness that characterizes the limbo in which the Poki game is set, and above all to stop and get to know other souls remained trapped inside, learning to work with more knowledge, through their personality or their ups and downs and what it really means to be dead.

Some of these can also be helped with the small optional quests through which we can reconstruct the causes of their death or melt other types of knots which are held harnessed there, unable to pierce completely.

Other reasons to spend time walking are represented by numerous collectables scattered around. Between “file” dedicated to the Killer of the Bells, memories of Ronan and his wife Julia, to the historical facts of the town, and much more, you are almost bombarded with stuff to be collected.

The vast majority of them are arranged in a very elementary, but are certainly more welcome than those that require a little stress level of environmental study or use of the powers of the protagonist, including teleportation available from about mid-adventure onwards.

Without claiming the variety and refinement of a pure sandbox or an RPG and thus closing an eye on a few sentences out of context and twin or too mechanical behavior of non-player characters, overall this aspect of the Poki game proves to be successful.

It allows you to get a little more in the role of Ronan, to deepen their knowledge of Salem and above all to feel free to mold the pace of the adventure, mediating the rigid scan of the main cases.

Like the phases of action inserted here and there, where it is necessary to deal with the demons, scary entity is ready to swallow the souls of others, to deal with an approach mediated matrix stealth. Although in the long run you will discover tricks for winning it pretty easily, these are situations that can always offer some good voltage discharge mixed with adrenaline, enlivening a little things.

Permeated with an atmosphere that was born from effective thriller, noir, thriller, horror and the grotesque, the story of Murdered Soul Suspect is played with mixed fortunes.

Impression, however is that even here they could have done more, starting with the characters that enliven the story, seeing that apart from Joy, a medium that acts as a shoulder to O’Connor, that it is at least sympathetic with him in the classic but well managed interludes from “odd couple”, no one is able to live up to Ronan, from the killer, who along the way does not reveal a figure of some kind of appeal.

We ended the Poki game with Steam counter indicating nine hours, striving for about three-quarters of adventure to explore on the carpet, trying to find as many elements of the investigation, secrets and side quests as possible (coming, for the record, a Clues amount of 170 to 192 and 135 Cases of Secondary 173), which lead us to believe that the net duration hovers roughly about five or six hours. That’s what irritated us the most and it just felt like that the game isn’t really worth even 5-6 hours because of its unfinished theme.

As seen in recent months, the story does not provide for junctions, alternative endings or the ability to influence in any way the scan or the nature of the events supporting. It is not contemplated even a New Game Plus, thanks to which the most hardcore completest may increase their chances to catch all the collectible, although well aware of having to cope with a middle-playful narrative identical: the only option is to start a new Poki game, equal to the first, with all elements to zero. And in the menu there is not even a trace of any extras such as a gallery of videos or artwork. Nothing. On second thought, after all, Ronan is not so bad at least he did something after the end found.

The story of the Poki game will live a mark on you and you will start loving Ronan but gameplay feels unfinished which made us give it a mediocre rating.