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Aesthetic Unity In Architecture

Great lengths have been taken to ensure that the town and its buildings conform to the highest architectural standards. Talented architects give El Gouna’s landscape its delicacy and character while ensuring that the entire town has a visual unity in which each neighborhood and hotel contributes its own unique flavor without detracting from the artistic whole of the resort.

The town’s perfect blend of traditional and modern elements and are the result of the dedication and work of an impressive list of prestigious architects. American Michael Graves, who has been the recipient of many of the architectural world’s highest awards, is responsible for designing several of El Gouna’s hotels as well as its Golf Club and Golf Villas, and the earth tones and sea-color splashes that characterize these projects help to set the tone of the resort.

Italian architect Alfredo Freda designed El Gouna’s attractive Marina town, the first of its kind on the Red Sea, as well as the popular and exclusive Tuscany-style Hill Villas. Shahab Mazhar, a prominent Egyptian architect, was inspired by Mediterranean influences in his creation of the beachfront White Villas, and the beautiful Nubian Villas are the work of the award-winning architects Ramy El-Dahan and Ahmad Hamdy, who also hail from Egypt.


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